Solarman | Pool Pumps
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Pool Pumps

We sell Lorentz Brand Pumps 1hp and 2hp models.

Complete Solar Pool Pump

  • Faster return on investment with no energy cost
  • Superior life expectancy versus traditional A/C motors
  • Quietly Effecient
  • Strong service record
  • Controllable speed to match pool size precisely
  • Modular design for simple service and effective repair
  • Simple and fast install, a complete replacement.

This pumping system has the potential of reducing the pool owners electricity bill by up to $4000.00 per year.

  • German Engineered
  • Brushless EC Drive DC Motors specific to solar totaling 90% efficiency
  • Non corrodible high quality materials
  • AC options + Solar direct connect
  • MPPT technology to maximize power use from PV modules

More Facts
PS2 Pool Pump

PS2 Pool Pump

For use in residential and commercial swimming and spas. All filtration needs can be linked to solar meaning no electricity cost and significant environmental benefit.
PS2 Centrifugal Solar Pump

PS2 Centrifugal Solar Pump

High quality pumps designed for delivering water supply, drinking water, livestock, pond and irrigation applications. This is an economical, clean and reliable solution. Anywhere.