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About Us


Doug Mycko



Our Founder, Paul Moore began the Company Solarman in 1988. Since that time, he has sold and overseen the installation of hundreds of thousands of watts worth of solar power. In addition, he has sold many windmills and a few hydroelectric systems as well. These systems consist of both “off-grid” and utility tied “net metering systems”.

His projects include the largest photovoltaic array in all of Puna (an area larger than the island of Oahu) and the largest photovoltaic array in all of North Kohala.

The company Solarman is concerned with the smallest cabin in the woods to the largest of commercial installations.

In 2006, the present company owner, Doug Mycko began his employment with the company solarman. Paul under his wing and groomed him into one the most talented and experienced Solar Technicians in the State. Paul gave Doug over 35000 hours of field experience and sent him to countless educational events througout the years. Doug has received Outback factory training at their facility in Arlington, Washington and has thousands of hours repairing Outback Systems. Doug has extensive experience with Photovoltaic, Solar Hot Water, Water filtration, Solar Swimming pool filtrtion, hydro-electric, Water filtration UV systems, and pumps, pressure tanks, ect.

In 2016, Doug bought the company Solarman from Paul moore, He continues to provide the same eleplary service as Paul did for 28 years.